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The Centre for Visual Arts and Research is taking their collection digital

The Centre for Visual Arts & Research (CVAR) is at the heart of Cyprus’ capital city, Nicosia. It promotes the country’s cultural heritage as seen through the eyes of its visitors. The country is divided by war, but through the Centre’s work, Cypriots see that they have more in common than that which would make them different from one another. A centre to help heal a nation and reach out to the world beyond its shores.

Before Forager…

The Centre is run by Dr. Rita C. Severis, and is the culmination of a lifetime collecting Cypriot history. It shows Cyprus’ history and helps educate anyone that comes in for a visit. The problem they faced was that the museum is in a quiet part of the old city in Nicosia and not many visitors came to see the Centre’s collection. The aim of the Centre is to bring two divided communities together, and if no one visits then that is hard to do. A digital database was needed to bring the collection to the world. In came Forager.

The approach

The first thing that Forager needed to do was to see the progress that a long line of volunteers had made on creating a complete document with all the relevant information for every one of the 1,100 objects. Work had been done with varying degrees of accuracy and consistency. The first thing needed would be a complete audit by the Forager editors to make sure that every entry into the new online database was complete and accurate.

After that was when the technical side would come into play. Sitting behind a computer at the Centre, manually entering every entry into their Joomla website. The data entry process was carefully monitored by our team to ensure the accuracy and quality of all the entries according to our client requirements. There was a vast amount of information to add with a precise style and formatting. We needed to make sure that everything was easily searchable and followed the style and format guidelines to ensure all Cypriots and other interested parties could access this information from anywhere.

The results

Now the database is accessed by academics from all around the world to learn and study Cypriot history. People in the north, who aren’t always able to cross to the south, can now learn about their history any time they want using the new database. It also works as an efficient record of everything in the museum. Everything is easy to search and it can be done from anywhere, and, most importantly, the new database ensures the museum can carry on its mission to show two divided communities how much they have in common and keep them united, surpassing all the obstacles of a divided nation.

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