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West Coast Wild Foods


February 2019—April 2019


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West Coast Wild Foods launches a new North American e-commerce site

West Coast Wild Foods is a leading wild food brand based in Burnaby, Canada. Around since 2009, it began as a mushroom supplier for the restaurant industry. Now it is an e-commerce platform that sells a whole range of wild food products from across the region. As the name suggests, their products are wild and command a premium price to go with the effort needed to find each unique ingredient, and their customers know that.

Before Forager…

Previous developers had created an e-commerce website, and it had served the company well for the online sales they originally forecast. As the brand became more popular, the owners decided to shift from focussing solely on B2B sales and turn the brand into a business that sold directly to customers as well. The site could accommodate that, but not since there were plans to expand into the US market as well. A site was needed that could handle multiple currencies and keep both country’s accounting separate. The search for a new developer had begun. In came Forager.

The approach

The first part of the project was to ensure brand consistency on all aspects of the new website, design, experience and messaging. Forager worked with West Coast Wild Foods to understand their brand style and develop concepts and ideas for the new website design. We used their products to make an inspiration board to give our team a clear view of the look we were aiming for and the colour scheme we were going to use. Then we reviewed all the products listed in their previous website to adapt their descriptions and content to the new one according to our client’s goals and expectations.

West Coast Wild Foods needed the new website to be able to serve clients from two different countries and required different information on each one, so we built a new subdomain to separate the traffic from Canada and the USA. Both sites had separate pricing and accounting to make the process easier for customers and the business. Payment and shipping integrations were done accordingly to keep their process working efficiently, and we included newsletter and popup integrations to help turn their new website into an effective source of new clients and opportunities.

The results

Once the new website was finished with more than 50 products were uploaded, and the site was ready to receive West Coast Wild Foods’ customers! The new site has a premium feel that matches the brand, the business’ goals and processes while making it clear that West Coast Wild Foods offers top-quality products. From a business perspective, now they have an easy way to keep accounting separated for each country, and their customers can see the most relevant information according to their location. Our client offers both fresh and frozen products, and now the shipping integration takes that into consideration to allow an appropriate shipping selection. All this resulted in new sales on the new website from day one.

We knew we had to update our website to better showcase our products, and with our launch into the US market it had to be user friendly and to keep us organised in the backend. The Forager team helped us every step of the way to make sure we got the exact site we needed.
Niall Sherwin, Marketing Manager at West Coast Wild Foods
West Coast Wild Foods